When surface and groundwater turn into high-quality drinking water

There are high demands to the process of purifying surface water that is intended for drinking water. Norlex Chemicals can supply several innovative products that ensure a stable and high-quality process. Furthermore, we are increasingly seeing that our otherwise clean groundwater contains residues of contaminants, which must be removed.

“Norlex Chemicals offers active carbon and a wide range of coagulants that help create high-quality drinking water, whether the source is groundwater or surface water. In Denmark there are only a few locations where surface water is used for drinking water, but Norlex Chemicals supplies the technology to more customers in the rest of the Nordic countries and in North America.”

Optimal use of coagulants

When drinking water is produced from surface water it is very important to remove organics and all the fine silt particles and other colloidal material. This can be done by adding coagulants, which are essential for effective separation of the polluting material from the water during a purification process.

Norlex Chemicals are experts in optimising the relationship between operating profit and cost using innovative products and methods that reduce the overall need for chemicals.

We achieve this through detailed water analyses and by reviewing all equipment. This helps us determine the best combination of our specialised products. If necessary, we can develop new formulations for specific applications.

At Norlex Chemicals we produce our own coagulants, including:


Polyaluminium chloride (PAC)


Sodium aluminate


Aluminium chlorohydrate (ACH)


Poly-quaternary amines and PolyDADMAC


Proprietary specialised coagulant mixtures


Norlex Chemicals supplies activated carbon from leading manufacturers

Drinking water from surface water and groundwater wells can contain dissolved material that cannot be removed using coagulants. This could be pesticide residues or other contaminants, which must be removed to ensure that the water is safe to drink.

For this purpose, activated carbon is often used. It works by adsorbing the contaminants and thereby removing them from the water.

Norlex Chemicals supplies activated carbon from leading manufacturers for this purpose. We supply replacement carbon for existing filters, and we can take care of the replacement of the carbon as well. We provide new complete installations, and we can supply mobile filters that can be set up at short notice for emergency situations.


An agreement with Norlex amounts to much more than the supply of quality products. We provide service throughout the process in the form of support, knowledge and troubleshooting, so the customer gets a cost-effective solution. Call +45 4594 0994 or send an email to info@norlex.com.

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