Achieve trouble-free operation of your boiler system

The primary purpose of water treatment in boiler systems is to avoid corrosion and deposits that could threaten the system’s reliablity and efficiency. Norlex Chemicals supplies complete treatment programmes to protect your system.

“Each boiler system has its challenges and production and quality requirements that must be taken into account when treating the water. The water treatment is made up of both water purification – which, depending on the boiler system, can be anything from softening to complete desalination of the water – and chemical treatment that protect the entire system against corrosion and coatings.”

Coatings and corrosion threaten boiler systems

The most critical parameters for a steam-generating system are heat transfer and steam production, which must function optimally to ensure efficient and reliable operation. Both are adversely affected by deposits and corrosion.

Deposits in steam boilers destroy the system’s energy balance, and corrosion can cause leakage and damaged material in addition to deposits. Failure to control these parameters could result in increased fuel and maintenance costs. At worst, the result may be a breakdown of the boiler, which will result in interrupted steam production.

Norlex Chemicals’ programme ensures trouble-free operation

Norlex Chemicals offers an effective programme that protects the entire steam system, from feed water to the boiler and, where appropriate, the condensate system.

Norlex boiler treatment programmes are constructed as a complete solution with a combination of efficient chemical products and the right equipment for each customer, along with services in the form of data analysis, monitoring and ongoing consultation. With this solution in hand, we can guarantee that your entire boiler system will receive one of the most effective protection programmes on the market. This means increased efficiency and reliability in your steam production.

The Norlex Chemicals programmes include:


Test kits, data logging, service


Water analyses


Equipment for boiler water production

We provide individually tailored service and support that takes into account the special operating conditions of your industry. We serve you all the way from testing, start-up and operation to subsequent constructive feedback and servicing.


An agreement with Norlex amounts to much more than the supply of quality products. We provide service throughout the process in the form of support, knowledge and troubleshooting, so the customer gets a cost-effective solution. Call +45 4594 0994 or send an email to

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