Activated carbon – nature’s unique purification product

“Activated carbon is considered the world’s most powerful adsorbent. Hence, it is used in a myriad of processes for purifying air, gas and water. Norlex Chemicals offers activated carbon for all purification processes, and we can help our customers clean and reactivate used activated carbon from large filters.”

Air and gas treatment

Contaminants from gases and air are adsorbed by activated carbon. To further improve the affinity to certain components, the activated carbon can be impregnated with chemicals.

Water and fluid treatment

Drinking water, wastewater and liquid process streams may contain a wide range of organic and inorganic contaminants. Activated carbon adsorbs these pollutants in an optimal treatment process.

Air treatment

Controlling air emissions from companies, in terms of organic and inorganic pollutants, is becoming an ever-increasing challenge. The result of these pollutants in the air may be obnoxious smells or exceeding the VOC (Volatile Organic Components) limit of the company’s environmental permits.

There may be many sources of these contaminants; they could stem from waste storage, waste treatment, wastewater treatment plants, storage tanks or industrial production.

Norlex Chemicals offers solutions for all types of applications, regardless of size and purification requirements.


We supply activated carbon in different grades for removal of VOCs


Impregnated and catalytically activated carbon for removal of inorganic substances such as heavy metals, ammonia or H2S


We supply complete filter systems and mobile systems


We are happy to replace the carbon in your filters so you can focus on your operations

Activated carbon removes contamination from biogas

When biogas is to be converted to electrical energy, heat or biomethane/RNG (Renewable Natural Gas), it is necessary to treat the gas to remove all pollutants. These can include H2S, siloxanes, terpenes and the like, depending on how the gas is generated.

Removing these substances prevents gas engine problems and the gas can be upgraded to a quality of 99% CH4 (methane). This makes the gas suitable for feeding into the natural gas grid.

Norlex offers solutions and products designed to remove pollutants in biogas:

Non-impregnated activated carbon of different grades for removal of siloxanes and VOCs (e.g., terpenes)
Impregnated and catalytically activated carbon to remove H2S and NH3
We provide new permanent systems or mobile flexible solutions that can be installed as a plug-and-play solution at short notice.

Activated carbon purifies the water effectively

Water is used in many production processes which, to a greater or lesser extent, contaminate it and convert it into wastewater that needs to be treated before it can be discharged to nature or in the sewage system. In some cases, the water quality before the production process is not good enough, and so it is also necessary to purify the water before use. Furthermore, drinking water can be contaminated by pollutants, such as pesticides.

In all these cases, the wastewater, the process streams and the drinking water contain a wide range of organic and inorganic contaminants. Here, activated carbon can adsorb and remove the pollutants from the water in an optimal solution.

Norlex Chemicals’ activated carbon solutions complement the other water treatment processes and create water or drinking water of just the right quality:

Heavy metals and parameters such as COD, BOD, TOC, BTEX, hydrocarbons, AOX, pesticides, odour, colour, etc. can all be removed or reduced using activated carbon.
Granulated activated carbon of different grades removes dissolved organic pollutants.
Activated carbon as a powder can be dosed for industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Flexible mobile filtration systems, new plants and reactivation of carbon

Norlex offers mobile filtration systems from very small to very large capacities.

The use of mobile filtration systems gives the user several advantages:

Compact installation that is easy to use
Small compact units designed to treat a wide variety of flows and concentrations
Filters can be offered on a daily rental basis. No tied-up capital.
On-site representative pilot tests
No maintenance costs
Ongoing development and improvements
If you want a permanent installation, Norlex Chemicals can design and install carbon filters in all sizes.

Norlex Chemicals offers recycling of used activated carbon from larger applications. In cooperation with our supplier, we collect the used carbon and send it to the nearest reactivation plant. Here, the carbon is cleaned and reactivated, so the carbon is as clean and effective as a new product. The carbon is then returned to the customer.

Reactivation of carbon makes sense for large filters, where there is an economic and environmental advantage in reactivating the filter.

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