Correct use of polymers is essential in the treatment of your wastewater

Norlex Chemicals is the largest supplier of polymers in Denmark and we have a broad selection of polymer types in both liquid and dry form.

“Since polymers were introduced in the 1980s, Norlex Chemicals has worked with the leading manufacturers in the market. We have unique and vast experience in the supply and use of polymers, which benefits our customers in particular, in terms of support and expertise to optimise processes and operating economies.”

Polymers collect the waste products

Polymers are essential for wastewater treatment because they gather the polluting particles into large flocks, which can then be separated from the water. Therefore, they are also referred to as flocculants (BOFLOC). BOFLOC polymers comprise a complete range of anionic, non-ionic and cationic polymers in powder form or as a liquid product. They are used for sludge dewatering and to increase the efficiency of sedimentation, flotation, filtration and clarification of water, wastewater and many other liquid products.

They are used in wastewater treatment within a wide range of industries. We serve municipal wastewater treatment plants, and our customers also include slaughterhouses, the fishing industry and other industries with a high level of water consumption (e.g., chemical and pharmaceutical industries).

A good result requires good support

The number of polymers is enormous and there are countless combinations of charge density, molecular weight and polymer structures. Therefore, we always provide thorough support and carry out tests in our laboratory and on a full scale before selecting products for our customers.

The efficiency of the polymers is affected by the many physical and chemical conditions in the process, and an optimised process can result in significant savings and a significantly better purification effect. Therefore, we always recommend using our expertise – especially if you are about to initiate an entirely new process. Our expertise will ensure that equipment and chemistry work optimally together.

Special expertise in the treatment of complex wastewater

At Norlex Chemicals we cover all applications within wastewater treatment – both municipal wastewater treatment plants and industrial wastewater. Over the years, we have accumulated solid expertise in treating complex wastewater and, with our expertise and advice, we are the ideal collaborator when you are facing a particular problem with wastewater that needs to be solved.


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