Norfloc NF1

New inorganic coagulant that optimizes operation and can replace the traditional metal salts

What is Norfloc NF1

Norfloc NF1 is a new inorganic coagulant based on nanotechnology, specially developed to replace the use of the traditional precipitating chemicals, at far lower dosages. Use of NF1 increases efficiency and improves the operating economy of the municipal treatment plants.

Benefits of Norfloc NF1


Improved sludge properties and faster precipitation (lower SVI)


Increased hydraulic capacity


More stable operation, even during rain!


Fewer filamentous bacteria, and thus less floating sludge and foam


Lower dosage (2-6 ppm) and less chemical sludge


Thicker sludge in clarification and less polymer consumption for dewatering

The main ingredients of the product:

Fe0 , 1-60 nM (metal particles)

Other ingredients:

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

Folic acid (to lower the pH of the product)

Results with Norfloc NF1

Damhusåen RA is a major wastewater treatment plant in Copenhagen. For a longer period, they had great challenges with the sludge properties of the treatment plant, which at times has caused the system to be difficult to stabilize and control.

In April 2020, NORLEX, in collaboration with BIOFOS, started a full-scale trial on one of the 4 lines at the Damhusåen, where iron chloride has been replaced with Norfloc NF1.

After just 3 weeks of operation with Norfloc NF1, the following is observed:


Better / faster precipitation (reduced SVI)


Higher SS in sludge from post-clarification to biology


Fewer filamentous bacteria (TI=3 til TI=2,5)


Less foam and floating sludge on the aeration tanks


More stable sludge level, compared to the other 3 lines, in heavy rainfall events



SVI (Sludge Volume Index)

Sludge blanket

The improved sludge properties when using NF1 mean that sludge levels are kept stably low, even at the maximum hydraulic capacity of the system.

Maximum utilization of the hydraulic capacity reduces the need for bypass to a minimum.

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