Effective chemicals for wastewater treatment

Norlex Chemicals is a leading supplier and manufacturer of wastewater treatment chemicals. We develop and produce our own products, as well as collaborate with leading international manufacturers.

“All wastewater must be treated to remove dissolved and suspended material and contaminants, so that they do not harm the natural areas where the treated wastewater is discharged. Industrial wastewater mainly goes into nature through treatment plants or separate discharges. There are many strict and precise requirements for these discharges, which Norlex Chemicals has the expertise to navigate.”

Norlex Chemicals’ chemical products

Since the 1980s, Norlex Chemicals has been a leading supplier of products for wastewater treatment. When treating wastewater from your business, different methods and equipment are used to clean the water and reduce the amount of water in the sludge. Normally, it is not possible to achieve the desired purity of the treated water and to dewater the sludge without the aid of chemical products. Our products help throughout the treatment process and help to dewater the sludge to the highest extent possible. Our products can be used together with decanter centrifuges, filter presses, screw presses, belt filter presses and other equipment.

We supply all chemicals and equipment for the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater. When it comes to chemical wastewater treatment, this includes:


An agreement with Norlex amounts to much more than the supply of quality products. We provide service throughout the process in the form of support, knowledge and troubleshooting, so the customer gets a cost-effective solution. Call +45 4594 0994 or send an email to info@norlex.com.

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