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At Norlex, we provide a full range of specialised cleaning chemicals. Antiscalant and biocide chemicals for all membrane applications, including a range of innovative MBR membrane cleaners. Our passion is to help you achieve optimal performance with environmentally friendly products.

Why cleaning of membranes is so important

All membranes will eventually foul – either from organic or inorganic foulants. How often depends on many factors, including the application, the water source, how well the pre-treatment protects the membranes and the operational parameters that the system is operated under. 

However, cleaning is one of the areas where you can slow down the fouling process and thereby prolong the lifetime and efficiency of your membranes. Depending on the above factors, membranes need cleaning anywhere between every week and once or twice a year.


Choose the right cleaning chemicals for your membranes

The cleaning procedure and the type of chemicals you should use depends on the type of fouling, the type of membrane and the system design.

From our wide range of products, any membrane cleaning challenge can be solved, including scaling problems, biological fouling and complex cleanings of membranes in food industry applications. Also, we offer environmentally friendly alternatives that replace more traditional products that can be challenging from an environmental point of view.

At Norlex, we are happy to share our advice with you on which cleaning chemicals are the right ones for your production. 

Specialised chemicals for all membrane systems

Our CC KLEAN and BIO KLEAN series cleaners and membrane biocides include products suited for any application, to provide the most effective and economical cleaning result.

In many applications, the fouling can be reduced by using antiscalants. Antiscalants are dosed continuously as an effective and economical means of keeping scaling under control during operation. Our DISPERSE series antiscalants include products to control any type of scale formation, that causes fouling.


Other cleaners

Norlex Chemicals cleaning program include a full range of products for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Applications includes products for cleaning tanks, pipe system, process equipment, and transport equipment.

Our specially developed VIKING series cleaners are used within transport, food & beverage, industrial production and any other surface cleaning need.

Please contact your local Norlex Chemicals partner for more information on these types of products.


Do you want to know more about our cleaning chemicals?

Below, you will find more information on the different cleaning chemicals, we provide.


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